Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VLC media player, Download For Android, Windows, MAC. I personally use VLC. You can also use MX-PLayer but MX-PLayer not supported EAC3 Audio File. So if you have to listen to a good quality audio such as Dolby Digital 5.1, my advice is to use VLC.

DD5.1 means "Dolby Digital DD5.1". If you have a speaker with Home Theater 5.1 and above, then you should use the DD5.1 audio. Two speakers in Home Theater 2.1, usually included a left and right channel and a subwofer. Five speakers in a 5.1 soundbar, usually front left, front right, front center, around left, around right, and a subwagher.
DTS stands for Digital Theater Systems. The main difference between DTS and Dolby Digital is seen in the bit rates and compression levels. DTS lossless quality compression audio.

There maybe few reason you can get this error while downloading from GDTOT or Other Same website.
(1) To many downloads: If there are too many downloads happened in last 24 hours then this problem may occurs. Google has some limitations Solution: Try downloading after 24 hours. or Use another Google Account.
(2) Your drive storage is full or not sufficient for downloading the file: Check your drive storage. Make it empty by deleting old files. See in trash and Empty trash. To fix this issue permanently, We suggest you to create Shared Drive. Tutorial

Here maybe few reason.
(1) your ISP (like Jio, Airtel, Vi, WIfI-GTPL...) blocking our domain/website because movie downloading site is illigal in india. so sometime our website not opening. Solution: For Example If you use JIO card and not open MovieNest website try to switch another card or wifi and try. still not open our website, last step 100% work use free VPN{Any}.
(2) Domain Name Changed:For Example is old domain this domain expired. so new domain try. our permanent domain is if permanent domain not open then use VPN.

Yes, You Can download more then 15GB+ file in google drive. using create shared drives.

Meaning of shared drives, a person who has unlimited Google Drive Storage gives a little part of them to another person who has limited drive storage. How to create shared drives Tutorials here.